Best Humidifier for Dry Skin – Buyer’s Guide

Best Humidifier for Dry Skin 2018During the winter months, many of us begin to suffer from dry skin. The dry air pulls the moisture away, leaving us feeling the pain of parched, cracked, or itchy areas.

In addition, the lower humidity can create dry nasal passages, dry throats, and dry eyes, as well as exacerbate skin conditions like eczema.

Winter is not the only culprit, however. Heaters and air conditioning, as well as certain climates (like desert climates) can all create chronic dry skin.

While lotions and medications can help, one of the easiest solutions may be a humidifier. By adding moisture to the air, this machine can also add moisture to your skin.  To get the most out of your unit, look for these qualities of the best humidifier for dry skin.

Qualities of the Best Humidifier for Dry Skin

Humidity Control

More humidity is not always better. In fact, while too little humidity can be problematic, so can too much, because it can contribute to the spread of germs and the growth of mold and mildew.

Being able to measure and regulate the amount of humidity in your space is, therefore, an important feature of the best humidifier for dry skin. You should try to keep the level of humidity in your space between 40 and 60 percent.

Some units come with a built in humidistat that measures and displays the humidity level in your home. Some allow you to control the amount or direction of the mist. And still others allow you to program a specific humidity level or a certain run time for your machine.


The easier a humidifier is to keep clean, the more likely you are to use it, and the less likely you are to accidentally get sick from germs and contaminants being dispersed into the air

As a result, the best humidifier for dry skin is one that is easy to keep clean and maintain over time. For example, a quality filtration system can remove germs and particles from the air and water. An antimicrobial plastic can prevent the build up of mold and mildew.

Even features like the weight of the unit can impact your ability to keep it clean. For example, a lightweight machine is easier to carry. Carry handles can make the unit easier to lift, and an easy refill design can make it simple to replace the water regularly.

Right Size

In order to enjoy the positive effects of a humidifier on your dry skin, you need to purchase a unit that will be able to humidify your space. And that means your humidifier needs to be the right size.

For example, a whole house humidifier might be right for your entire residence, but a half gallon unit will probably be fine for a small to medium sized room.

Features like high ceilings might increase the size of the machine you need. Similarly, you may need a slightly larger unit if you do not plan to keep the humidifier near you when sleeping, where it can more directly moisturize your skin. Choose a unit that has the capacity to handle your space and your particular humidifying needs.

Cool Mist

Humidifiers are generally classified as warm mist or cool mist units. The type you choose will depend in large part on your personal preferences. However, when it comes to whether a humidifier will help your dry skin, you might want to stick with a cool mist unit.

Sometimes, warm mist can actually exacerbate certain skin conditions, like eczema. Warm mist humidifiers are also more prone to building up germs, mold, and mildew because the warmth is ideal for the growth of these contaminants.

A cool mist unit, on the other hand, should provide you with the benefits of a humidifier without as many issues.

Built-In Diffuser

There are certain essential oils (such as lavender) that are supposed to help alleviate dry skin. If you choose to use them alongside your humidifier, you may experience even greater moisturizing benefits.

In this case, the best humidifier for dry skin might be one that includes a built-in diffuser. This feature allows you to add essential oils to the humidifier so that you do not have to run two machines

Sleep Friendly

Dry skin does not disappear right away, even with the right humidity levels. And, most people are out and about most of the day, where they do not have access to a humidifier.

As a result, the most logical time to run a humidifier for most people is during the night, so their skin can moisturize while they are sleeping.

In order to ensure a good night’s rest with your humidifier, look for one that has sleep friendly features. For example, night lights, the option to turn off the display, and quiet operation are key.

A noise level of less than 46 decibels is ideal. Some units are even quieter, running at less than 36 decibels, which is quieter than a library or office. That way, you are more likely to sleep peacefully all night and wake up to healthier skin.

Best Humidifier for Dry Skin 2018

Now that we have looked at some of the qualities of the best humidifier for dry skin, it is time to look at some of the products on the market today.

1. Sense Magic Humidifier

Sense Magic Humidifier with Water-Bottle Tank AdapterThe Sense Magic Humidifier is unique among humidifiers because it uses an adapter to turn a water bottle into the tank for the unit. This feature makes it simple to replace the water and it removes the danger of mold and mildew building up in the unit.

This unit also allow you to control the mist flow in two ways: First with the use of a multidirectional nozzle and second by allowing you to choose the amount of mist flow. These features are great for establishing the right amount of humidity for your space.

Assembling and disassembling this unit is easy with the adaptor. The adapter’s design keeps water from spilling out when the water bottle is turned upside down. In addition, the absence of a tank means that all that is required for set up is to attach the bottle to the adapter and place it in the base of the humidifier. As a result, this humidifier may be a good choice for people who may not want to spend the time needed to clean or set up more traditional units.

Despite its good features, there are a few downsides to the Sense Magic Humidifier. In particular, because it does not use a traditional tank, it lacks the capacity of a traditional tank and may, therefore, not be a good choice for people with large spaces.

This unit also does not contain a humidistat to measure or report on the humidity levels in your home, which may make it more difficult to keep track of your space’s humidity levels.

The Sense Magic Humidifier, because of its simplicity, may be a good choice for people needing an easy to use humidifier that does not require the maintenance of traditional humidifiers. Because of its small capacity, it may also be a good choice for people who only need a small area, such as a nursery or a bedroom, humidified.

2. Opolar Digital Humidifier

Digital Humidifier with Humidity and Timer Settings, Cool Mist HumidifierThe Opolar digital humidifier comes with a built-in humidistat and display that monitors the moisture levels in the home. This feature is great for making sure that you maintain the ideal moisture levels for alleviating dry skin.

This unit is also one of the best humidifiers for dry skin because it allows you to accurately track the moisture levels in your home. In addition, a touch screen LED display allows you to program a certain humidity level, set a timer for run time, and select a mist output level.

The Opolar digital humidifier possesses features that make it easy to have in your bedroom overnight. For example, it runs at less than 35 decibels, and the LED display can be turned off. These are great features for allowing you to ease your dry skin overnight without disturbing your sleep.

You can also sleep more easily with this unit because a .8 gallon capacity allows it to run for up to 24 hours. This is a great feature for people who want a humidifier that can run all day or all night or who do not want to replace their water frequently.

Don’t think that this unit’s practical features mean it can’t look good too. This unit is small despite its long run time, plus it has a sleek design that should allow it to match any decor.

When using this unit, just be aware that it beeps persistently when it is out of water, which can be annoying if you are trying to sleep. It also does not have a filter, which may increase the growth of mold and mildew inside it.

The Opolar digital humidifier may be a good choice for individuals looking for precise humidity control, a stylish look, and a larger capacity unit. It may be particularly appealing to individuals who want to run a humidifier while they sleep.

3. Sparoma Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool Mist Humidifier - Ultrasonic Humidifiers Air Humidifiers for BedroomThe Sparoma cool mist humidifier allows you to control the flow of the mist by choosing from a number of settings and by providing you with a 360-degree directional nozzle. This feature is great for allowing you to add the right amount of humidity for your space. In addition, the 360-degree directional nozzle allows you to choose the direction of the mist. This is a great feature for ensuring that the mist goes out into the room and away from any wooden objects or furniture.

Sleeping is also easier with this unit, because it has a noise level below 30 decibels and different-colored night lights. These features make it easier to run the humidifier at night.

This humidifier holds almost a full gallon of water (3.5 liters), allowing it to run up to 36 hours before needing to be refilled. This is a great feature because it allows you to run your humidifier all day and all night so your space is always at the right humidity level.

This humidifier does not come with a humidistat or the option of programming a certain humidity level or run time, which may make it harder to get the right amount of moisture in your home.

This unit is also high maintenance, requiring daily water replacement, a specific location within the home, and frequent cleaning. Some areas of the humidifier are also hard to access, which can make keeping it clean more difficult.

This unit does tend to leak around the base. This means that it could potentially damage any wooden furniture on which it is placed.

The Sparoma cool mist humidifier might be a good choice for someone who has a larger space to humidify because of its larger capacity. It may also be ideal for sleeping. In addition, its long run time might be appealing to individuals who need the humidifier on all the time in order to keep their skin moisturized around the clock.


The clear winner from among these three products is the Opolar digital humidifier. This unit, with its built-in humidistat and LED display, allows for precise control of the amount of humidity in the room. That means that you can be more effective in using the unit to alleviate your dry skin.

In addition, its compact and stylish design, long run time, and large capacity make it one of the best humidifiers for dry skin because it is easy to use, easy to look at, and suitable for a variety of spaces and needs.

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