What Is the Best Type of Humidifier?

Best Type of HumidifierWhen the temperature outside is reaching plummeting levels, the humidity and moisture inside your house can drop from pleasant to dry within minutes.

Replacing the moisture via warm or cool humidifiers can relieve you of discomforts like flu and cold-related symptoms, allergy irritation, chapped skin, sinuses, etc.

On the other hand, extra moisture or humidification is not a good thing either. Over-moisturizing your room can prove to be perfect breeding grounds for dust mites, mold, and disease-carrying bacteria.

Hence, it is essential that you get your balance right. Below, we have discussed some different and best type of humidifier and which ones should you go for:

Types of Humidifiers

1. Central humidifiers

Central humidifierMost humidifiers come in sizes that can be placed on a tabletop and can be carried without much difficulty. But, a central humidifier is hardwired into your homes air conditioning and heating system and hooked up to the plumbing skeleton of the house.

Hence, instead of using a central humidifier for a particular area or room, it humidifies the entire house in one go. These permanent installations are extremely conservative, efficient, and save quite some amount of money as well.

2. Evaporative humidifiers

Evaporative humidifierThe most common out of all portable humidifiers, an evaporative humidifier (also called as wick humidifier) uses its fan to draw air in from a room and blow it over a moistened wick in water to cool the room.

Some of the water also evaporates and is added to the air to increase humidity. Since the heat gets removed from the air when evaporation takes place, the repetition of the process will result in the air getting cooler after each cycle.

3. Impeller humidifiers

The impeller humidifier, or also known as the cool mist humidifier, is also one of the most common types of humidifiers sold in the market today. This device works by using a rotating disc that sends water through a diffuser, which in turn, breaks it into smaller droplets and sends them into the air. These droplets escape the humidifier in the form of a fog-like mist.

4. Steam vaporizers

Steam vaporizerAlthough it has ‘vaporizer’ in its name, a steam vaporizer is actually a kind of humidifier. The appliance heats up water and converts it into a gaseous state. Just before releasing the steam, the unit cools it down.

Hence, the steam vaporizer increases the humidity of a room and promotes certain health benefits for the human body.

5. Ultrasonic humidifiers

The ultrasonic humidifier works exactly like an impeller humidifier but has one major difference.

While the impeller humidifier uses spinning discs to break water further into tiny droplets, an ultrasonic one uses a vibrating metal diaphragm to make sound vibrations. These sound vibrations cut through water droplets and turn them into mists that humidify the room.

Which Is the Best Type of Humidifier to Buy?

For buying the right humidifier, you should ask yourself some practical questions. A good humidifier should work to pride humidity to your room effectively and efficiently.

Depending on the climate or allergies of your family members, here are some tips which you can go through before purchasing the appliance:

1. Get the right size and capacity for your room or home

Tabletop and portable humidifiers can work well in single rooms. Some are even fitted with tanks of different sizes for different-sized rooms. On the other hand, humidifiers made to work on entire houses are usually larger in size and can occupy a substantial amount of space. These humidifiers operate like a central heating or cooling system.

You can also purchase a console-style humidifier for your whole house. It is a bigger version of a single tabletop humidifier with a refillable tank. Usually, this humidifier is fitted with an 8-gallon tank that can humidify approximately 1,700 square feet, but it varies  model by model. It is also fitted with casters so that you can park it in a centralized area of your home.

Many whole-home humidifiers can be connected permanently to your water supply, thereby saving you the trouble of refilling it on a daily basis. These types of appliances can also be connected to your home’s air heating or cooling system for added efficiency.

2. Choosing between a warm mist or cool mist humidifier

A warm mist humidifier (for example, a steam vaporizer) uses electricity to create steam. This steam cools down just before leaving the appliance. Since the mist released has been boiled, there is a lesser chance of it containing microorganisms like bacteria. Warm mist units are generally germ-free and are fitted with built-in nano-silver antimicrobial and ultraviolet light to kills germs before the water is vaporized.

A cool mist humidifier (for example, an ultrasonic humidifier) skips the process of boiling water and directly vaporizes it. Hence, they are more efficient when it comes to saving energy and less prone to hazards like fire. Small drops of water are made even smaller and then released in a form of mist.

There are also some humidifiers that come with both warm and cool options. Such humidifiers can keep the room cooler during the hot summer months and warmer during the cold winter days.

Some other smaller factors to keep in mind are:

  • Easy to clean: The cleaning of the unit should not be time-consuming and messy.
  • Ease of use: The appliance should be extremely easy to understand, operate and use.
  • Humidistat: Make sure the humidifier you buy has a humidistat fitted on it. The function of it is that it shuts down the device once it reaches a preset level of humidity. If it does not have one, you will need to purchase a separate hygrometer.
  • Timer: Timer is necessary if you are out at work and you need your room to be at the right humidity when you reach home. But, the problem in this case is that the water sitting in the tank for long hours can be a perfect breeding ground for microbes.

Bottom Line

We would recommend you buy an ultrasonic humidifier. It is one of the best type of humidifier in the market today. This device is very economical and does not require much attention and consumes the least amount of electricity. The humidifier works silently and is absolutely safe for households with children and/or pets.

But, each household has a different story to tell. What worked out for us probably might not work out for you. Therefore, you should read through the above points and note down the priorities that might eventually help you make the right choice and help you decide the best type of humidifier that will work just right for you!

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