Cool Mist or Warm Mist Humidifier

cool mist and warrm mist humidifierHumidifiers are invaluable tools that help in maintaining healthy humidity level in moisture-deprived offices, homes, or any other area.

Humidifiers add moisture to the room using either warm or cool mist technologies. They help avoid unwanted side effects of dry air, which causes bloody noses, itchy skin, respiratory ailments, irritated sinus passages and sore throats.

Not only does humidifiers help humans but also prevent damage to wood floors, building’s structures, and even wood furnishings.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

cool mist humidifier


These are kind of humidifiers that disperse a comfortable stream of room-temperature mist throughout your environment. Cool mist humidifiers are available in evaporative or ultrasonic technologies.

They use an internal wick filter to absorb water while a fan blows the air through the filter causing the water to evaporate throughout your room an ultra-fine, invisible mist. They use ultrasonic vibration technology to create a micro-fine cool mist that is quietly released throughout your environment.

Some cool mist humidifiers are more suited for adding moistures to large areas or whole house or room.

Cool mist humidifiers are electricity saver as they do not heat the water before dispersing. Cool mist humidifiers are more preferable to avoid accidents from hot water in children’s nurseries, bedrooms, or other common areas where curious fingers may find them.

Pros of Cool Mist Humidifiers

  • Cool mist humidifiers relieve dry skin, allergies, flu, asthma symptoms and chapped lips by releasing moisture into the air. It works by rehydrating your skin, nasal passages, and respiratory system, relieving nosebleeds, congestions, and sore throats.
  • By not heating the water before releasing, cool mist humidifiers tend to save a lot on energy costs.

Impeller and ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are very quiet, for example Luma Comfort ultrasonic humidifiers operate at 35 dB, which is barely above a whisper.

  • Ease of inhalation: The primary goal of buying humidifiers for most people is prevention and healing of cold, sore throats, sinuses, asthma and flu symptoms. This is made easier by the ability to inhale moisture- laden air. Several studies and research across the world have shown better and higher improvement of these symptoms under the use of cool mist humidifiers. This is because the human body finds it easier to inhale cool mist compared to warm mist. This is a clear reason as to why health specialist advocate for the use of cool mist humidifiers.
  • Cleaning: When it comes to cleaning, cool mist humidifiers have it. With no mineral build up, they only require the regular cleaning and sanitization. For warm mist humidifiers, you have to consider removing the mineral stains and marks on the machine. This leads to incurring of unnecessary expenditure and labor which becomes a burden. The ease of cleaning is an aspect that turns people away from the warm mist humidifier.

Cons of Cool Mist Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifiers require a lot of attention to clean them as they don’t use heating elements to sterilize the water, thus more likely to develop mold or bacteria. Water has to be changed at least once a day and the water tank cleaned at least once a week.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

warm mist humidifier


They use an internal heating element that boils water before they release it into the environment as soothing invisible mist. Warm mist humidifiers are considered healthier as the boiling process kills waterborne bacteria and mold, preventing them from penetrating the air you breathe.

The warm mist humidifiers lack internal fan making warm it exceptionally quite to operate. They work best in smaller areas like bedrooms and offices.

Warm mist are more expensive to operate and little more difficult to clean since mineral deposits are often left behind during the boiling process. They are preferred during winter months by most people.

Pros of Warm mist Humidifies

  • Warm mist humidifiers eliminate allergens and flu viruses circulating in the air by creating warm moisture and releasing steam that kills the viruses. The steam also weighs down dust and allergens making them to fall out of the air thus making it difficult for viruses to survive to affect you.
  • Some of Warm mist humidifiers, the like of Vicks V70, can be used to dispense steam medications that sooths colds and respiratory ailments due to the fact that, their heating element boils the water killing the mold and bacteria in the tank before released to the atmosphere triggering asthma symptoms.

They are extremely used in waters as they increase the temperature of the room as the warm steam raises.

  • Warm mist humidifiers offer more protection form germs and viruses than cool mist humidifiers. This is because germs and bacteria are killed during the boiling process; no microbes are transmitted in the mist and this helps in keeping the air moist. As for cool mist humidifiers, no bacteria are killed and this places the users at a higher risk of contracting asthma, colds, and flu.
  • Warm mist humidifiers are not noisy. They are therefore suitable for places where noise is not tolerated like in offices, hospital wards, and study rooms. Cool mist humidifiers are noisy and can only be used in limited areas. For night use, most people prefer using warm mist because it helps one to get a quiet night. Nursing mothers also prefer warm mists which emit less or no noise. The aspect of noise is very important because most peopleprefer to buy appliances which can work with minimum noise.

Cons of Warm Mist Humidifiers

  • If the warm mist humidifier is tipped over, then, the hot water can causing burns or scalds if it pours onto one’s body. They should be kept away from reach of children as this risk is acute to the children.
  • They tend to use more electricity compared to cool mist humidifiers and even though they are generally quiet, they gurgle and hiss as they heat the water thus distracting.

Clean warm mist humidifiers is a challenge as they leave hard water when the water evaporates and can become a challenge if your humidifier is nt cleaned in less than once a week.


With the above information, it is clear that both cool mist and warm mist humidifiers have it. However, there is always an open window for you to choose what works best for your needs. This explains why there is still a percentage of people who prefer keeping the warm mist humidifiers even if they are not a popular choice. In as much as one option may be amplified as the best, personal opinion overrides everything else. Free will always have its way.

So, go for the humidifier that serves your intended use the best.

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