Top 5 HoMedics Humidifiers

HoMedics Humidifiers wikihumidifierFounded in 1987 by Ron Ferber and Alon Kaufman, the HoMedics Company first appeared and started to care about its customer’s comfortable home environment.

The products manufactured by this company help you remove stress, calm yourself and your body down and make your overall life easier.

For your body, HoMedics manufactures massage products like handheld massagers, sports recovery, foot, neck, back, etc. They also have products for your home like humidifiers, air purifiers, accessories, and replacement filters. You will find products for health diagnosis like blood pressure monitors and fitness monitors as well.

The brand new humidifier by HoMedic can be a great addition to your room. These humidifiers are designed to give a soothing effect, comfort and a calming ambience so that you can sleep with peace. Most of these humidifiers come with several unique specifications and features that make it a must-buy for every household.

Below are some of the top HoMedics humidifier reviews:

Top 5 HoMedics Humidifiers Reviews for 2019

1. HoMedics Cool Misting – Ultrasonic Humidifier

HoMedics’ cool mist humidifier is a portable and compact humidifier that can fit perfectly in any personal space like dorm rooms or offices. It is a quiet cooling humidifier that comforts and soothes while providing moist air that is germ-free.

Homedics Cool Misting Ultrasonic HumidifierThis humidifier is fitted with a 1-gallon tank that can last up to 36 hours before the next refill. It is designed to regulate the moisture level in small and congested spaces. Therefore, this humidifier is perfect for small rooms. This device also comes with a year’s warranty.

HoMedics’ cool mist humidifier makes use of ultrasonic technology where the metal diaphragm vibrates at a virtually silent frequency to generate and disperse a fine layer of mist. This vibration also kills microorganisms found in the water, like bacteria. Its low sound level hardly disturbs anyone.

This HoMedic humidifier’s filter is made up of an antimicrobial material that helps prevent the growth of bacteria and moulds at the surface of the tank. This guarantees that the air in the room is healthy, clean, and cool. The device is also has a demineralization cartridge. This helps to lessen or entirely eliminate white dust that is formed during the hard water filtration process.

The humidifier is fitted with an auto shut-off functionality that turns off the humidifier when the tank gets empty. This feature prevents accidents like fire outbreaks and electrocution. It also has a LED refill indicator light that warns you when the water level in the tank gets low. The LED light begins to blink before the humidifier shuts off.


  • The tank is easy to remove
  • The mist is cool and adjustable
  • Maintaining and cleaning the humidifier is simple
  • Easy to use


  • The filter needs to be replaced on a regular basis
  • Some HoMedics humidifier reviews state that the humidifier stopped working after a few months on its own

2. HoMedics Cool Mist Oscillating

HoMedics cool mist humidifier is fitted with the right components that you can utilize for long hours of fresh mist in your room. Its tank has a capacity of 1-gallon, which is enough to operate for about 48 hours. The lightweight feature and the design make this humidifier to remove and refill water whenever the need arises.

Homedics Cool Mist Oscillating Ultrasonic HumidifierThe humidifier gives an outstanding performance, thanks to its ultrasonic technology. You can use it anywhere without any sort of noise. Through its 120° motorized oscillating head, you can enjoy evenly-distributed cool mist in every corner of your room. The humidifier’s antimicrobial technology helps reduce the growth of disease-carrying moulds and bacteria that is settled on the surface of the tank.

The humidifier is available with a built-in night light. You can also adjust the mist control and create a pleasant and cool environment to enjoy with your friends or family. The device includes a single demineralization cartridge and an auto-shut feature, thereby making it safe for households with children and pets as well.


  • The tank can be removed easily and can hold up to 1 gallon of water
  • The oscillating head evenly spreads moisture all across the room
  • The elegant design of the humidifier looks good in any room
  • The humidifier operates very silently


  • Maintenance and cleaning at frequent intervals is needed
  • The cartridge filter needs to be replaced after every 30-40 fillings

3. Homedics Cool & Warm Mist – Tower Ultrasonic Humidifier

This dual mist humidifier is fitted with all the features that you have been looking for. You can choose between cool or warm mist, according to your liking or condition of the room. The humidifier uses an ultrasonic technology for producing micro-fine mist without the minimum sounds.

Homedics Cool & Warm Mist Tower Ultrasonic HumidifierThe tank of this humidifier is capable of storing up to 1.4 gallons of water that can last up to 60 hours. The tank is also fitted with an anti-microbial technology that prevents the growth of bacteria and moulds on its surface. The humidifier also has a programmable humidistat with an LCD screen that displays the humidity level of the room and can adjust and program timer setting (up to eight hours), humidity target, and mist temperature, direction and intensity.

The cool and warm humidifier has an auto shut-off functionality fitted in it that turns the device off when the tank is empty. It also has a built-in light for smooth ambience at night. The demineralization cartridge helps reduce minerals build-up of lime and calcium called white dust, which is caused by hard water in ultrasonic humidifiers.


  • You can choose between cool or warm mist according to your liking
  • The humidistat is programmable to respond to the relative humidity in your room
  • The tank is can be removed easily and has a capacity of 1.4 gallons
  • The humidifier is priced at the right rate, thereby making it affordable


  • Some HoMedics humidifier reviews state that this humidifier did not produce as warm mist as the company said it would

4. HoMedics Cool Mist

The ultrasonic cool mist humidifier solves the problem of dry air by delivering fine vapor to your room. The adjustable mist control allows you to decide how much mist you want.

Homedics Cool Mist Ultrasonic HumidifierThis humidifier is fitted with a removable tank that can hold 1.4 gallons of water. Each filling can last up to 65 hours. The auto shut-off functionality turns the humidifier off when the tank is empty.

The humidifier’s clean tank technology makes sure that the surface of your tank is not a breeding ground for moulds or bacteria. A demineralizationcartridge also helps to reduce the amount of white dust and other mineral buildups that normally occurs on the tank’s surface when hard water is used. The humidifier can be used in households with children or pets without any worries.


  • The 1.4-gallon tank can operate for 65 hours in one go
  • The humidifier is packed with a one-year guarantee
  • The device is easy to carry and handle


  • Some customers have reviewed that the humidifier suddenly stopped working without any reason
  • You will additionally need to maintain and clean the humidifier for keeping it in perfect working condition

5. HoMedics 4-Pack Ultrasonic Demineralization Humidifier

When water goes into a humidifier, it comes out in form of mist and lands on furniture and other surfaces. When it dries up, the mist leaves behind a residue called white dust. For most people, white dust is completely harmless, but it may cause serious problems to people suffering from lung/sinus conditions like asthma or allergies.

Homedics 4-Pack Ultrasonic Demineralization Humidifier Replacement CartridgesFormation of white dust is more commonly seen in ultrasonic humidifiers. White dust is a natural by-product of minerals in the hard water (water directly from your faucet) you used to fill your humidifier.

Demineralization cartridges are one of the most important components of a humidifier. These cartridges help prevent lime and calcium build-up in your humidifier. They work on almost all HoMedic ultrasonic humidifiers (1 or more gallon capacity). They are packed in a group of four.


  • These cartridges work wonders for people who suffer from allergies and want to stay free of white dust
  • Reduction of white dust can also save your furniture from getting damaged
  • Extends the life of your humidifier
  • The installation of these cartridges is very simple and easy


  • These cartridges need to be refilled every after every 30-40 fillings, which can prove to be a tedious task
  • If you still see white dust after utilizing the cartridge, you will need to get either your humidifier checked or the quality of your water

Bottom Line

According to many HoMedics humidifier reviews, HoMedics is an excellent brand that manufactures the best humidifiers. Each humidifier manufactured is capable of meeting the different requirements of their buyers. You will just need to keep in mind the purpose of buying a humidifier first.

Each unit is provided with an instruction manual that contains information on operating the device, how to care and clean for your device, about different types of filters, etc. that can help you while installing the device. You can purchase HoMedics humidifiers easily via online shopping sites like eBay or Amazon as well.

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