Amazing Benefits of a Humidifier


a HumidifierA humidifier is an essential asset that every home and office owner can always invest in. It puts moisture back in the room, and this is particularly important during the dry winter season.

A 2013 study showed that raising humidity levels in a home to 43 percent reduced the ability of airborne viruses to successfully attack humans and cause flue. It also showed that in the case of a low humidity, 77 percent of viruses can transmit diseases via coughs but when humidity was raised to 43 percent, the number decreased to just 14%.

In short, a humidifier not only serves human interests in the home, but also it is a tool for property protection, and it keeps the house comfortable.

The following are some of the reasons you should get a humidifier for your home or office right away.

It Helps in Keeping the Skin Moisturized

Dry air is the cause of chapped skin. This is because it draws all the air from the skin hence depriving it of the natural glow. The good news, having a humidifier can magically improve the glow of your skin by ensuring that it is always moisturized, beautiful and vibrant.

During winter, most people experience skin problems due to the cold dry air that prevails in the affected regions but this should not worry you any more. Installing a humidifier in your home and/or office is one solution to save you from the heck of an ugly skin.

In fact, most people count a humidifier as a basic need for survival during the cold winter.

A Humidifier Helps in Cutting Heating Bills

Increasing the moisture level in your home makes it more comfortable, but also it can help you save on heating bills. This is is a huge plus because, during winter, the power bills tend to double. Keeping the humidity of your home or office at the right levels makes heating your home easy.

The money that could have been spent on heating the home can, therefore, be channeled to other needs; which is a good financial management gesture.

During winter, the heating bill in the home or office can shoot in double due to the demand for warmth. However, a simple hack like having the room humidity at the right level can help in a big way since it will keep the environment warm.

Helps in Keeping House Plants Healthy

Naturally, most plants thrive well in humid tropical conditions and suffer in winter and cold zones. This applies even to the simple plants we keep in the house. Apart from adding to the aesthetic value of homes, they can be consumed and are used for seasoning food. Having a humidifier can help very much in saving these plants especially during winter.

Keeping the right humidity levels will save them from withering and wilting which are caused by snow on plants. The humidifier helps in preventing the soil from becoming unnecessary dry, which is a major cause of the death of house plants. Protecting these plants is as important as keeping the pets alive.Benefits of a humidifier

Helps in the Preservation of Furniture

Dry air can cause wood furniture to dry and end up cracking. To make your furniture stand the test of time, installing a humidifier is always the solution. It keeps the wood hydrated and looking attractive which can even increase their resale value.

Reduces Electronic Shock

Shock, even if caused by static electricity remains to be an uncomfortable thing. Although shock may not cause significant damage, it can destroy electronic appliances. To keep this risk out of your life, installing a humidifier can help incredibly.

Helps in Keeping Healthier Sinuses

The dry air that comes in with winter season causes the sinuses to dry. This reduces the resistance to cold, bacteria and viruses. To help in keeping comfortable sinuses, it is advisable for you to sleep with the humidifier on. This helps you to always wake up with clear sinuses and throat as well.

It Keeps Snoring Away

Dry cold air is what causes snoring for some people. This is because it drys up the throat and sinuses. Keeping the humidifier on can help you have comfortable sleep without snoring or having to be disturbed by a snoring partner in bed.

Improves the Quality of the Voice

Sometimes you can wake up to a hoarse voice during the winter. This is because dry air also interferes with the proper functioning of vocal chords.To avoid having a growling voice in the morning, a humidifier can help. Install it and have it on over night to keep away dry air.

It Fastens Healing

For people who suffer allergies such asthma or colds, dry air has always been the problem. Humidifiers are good at helping to achieve lubricated nasal openings. This fastens the healing process when exposed to bad weather.

There are humidifiers which are also designed to purify the air and can be helpful to asthmatics.

Humidifiers Help in Curbing Nose bleeding

Nose bleeding is highly associated with dry air. Keeping a humidifier in close proximity will always improve the situation.

Most people who experience nose bleeding problems always report tremendous improvements once they start using humidifiers.

Minimizes the Risk of Infections

Studies and research have shown that bacteria and viruses travel slowly in a moist environment. The reason as to why you always have funny viral and bacterial infections could be dry air.

Keeping the humidifier will help in reducing the breeding rate of these disease-causing allergens.

Hair and Scalp Protection

Collagen is what makes up hair and is dependent on moisture to stay flexible. Exposing hair to dry air can cause dryness which goes with breakage.

On the scalp, dry air causes flaking and unsightly dandruff which can be very embarrassing and irritating. To curb this, have a humidifier to keep your hair silky and beautiful.

Helps in Keeping Healthy and Comfortable

Pets also need to be protected from the effects of dry air. To keep them from allergies and discomfort, consider having a humidifier indoors.

Healthy pets also help on saving with veterinary bills which can be hectic when pets are unwell.


It is very clear that a humidifier is as essential as any other appliance in the home. Whether winter is gone or approaching, it is good to keep the quality of indoor air uncompromised. This is for the safety of the human beings, property, plants, and animals that inhabit the house.

Challenge yourself and get this wonderful appliance.

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